7 Best Baby Pool Floats for Infants to Toddlers

Are you searching for the best baby pool floats for infants to toddlers? Well, look no further! Here, we provide you all the details you need to know about different types of baby pool floats. We have, after considerable research, come up with the best baby pool floats that are easily available to you. More than that, you will find these baby pool floats offer your children the safety and security needed to ensure a good pool time. Enjoy this list of towable tube baby pool floats, and get your hands on the one which makes the perfect sense for your child. Now, before any further ado, let’s have a look at each of them. 

List Of 7 Best Baby Pool Floats For Infants To Toddler


Product Name

Age Range (months)



SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center

9 to 14



Intex My First Swim Float

12 to 24



SwimSchool Rainbow Baby’s First Pool Float

6 to 18



Intex My Baby Float

12 to 24

One Color


Swimline Clownfish Nemo Baby Seat Pool Float

12 and above

One Color


SwimSchool Angel-the-Fish Fabric Baby Pool Float

6 to 24



Poolmaster 81547 Learn-to-Swim Swimming Pool Float

8 to 24


7 Best Baby Pool Floats For Infants To Toddler Reviews 

Here, we take you through the baby pool floats one by one and help you understand what they offer. These are all suited for varying ages and come in different colors as well. 

1. SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center

The first one we have for you is the SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center. This pool float takes the lead as it has a lot of features to offer your child. One of the most essential things to note about this towable tube is that it is focused on your child’s safety. Being the ideal option for 9 to 14 month old babies, you would want to ensure that your child is safe in the pool.  The pool float offers you child safety valves and dual air chambers to ensure that your child remains safe afloat throughout the time. 

More than that, you will find that the baby water float allows children to be introduced to water easily. The interactive activity center and the 360 degrees turning octopus in the middle is pretty fun for the babies. Plus, the octopus also has toys attached to its arms, allowing children to have fun playing with the float as they spend their time in water. Along with this, your child is protected from the sun with the adjustable canopy and UPF sun protection it comes with.

2. Intex My First Swim Float

The Intex My First Swim Float is a multi-colored baby towable tube that features a range of visuals to keep your child entertained. This one is designed for babies of about 12 to 24 months given the design of the float. You will find a range of colorful creatures on the top of the tube, such as a pink octopus, starfish, fish, trees, and so much more. Not only this, but the float also has an inflated palm tree at the end for more fun. The float is made using high-quality PVC, and ensures that the relevant safety features are installed for your child’s protection. There are three air chambers that ensure that your child is safe on this float. 

The design allows you to be close to your baby as it features two holes in it. One is relatively smaller, which fits your baby perfectly. Whereas, the other one has an open end, letting you enter and be close to your baby in the pool. The float offers you a 10 gauge vinyl construction, which allows you to make use of this for a long while for your baby. 

3. SwimSchool Rainbow Baby’s First Pool Float

The SwimSchool Rainbow Baby is another exceptional option to go for when you’re looking for something that is fun for your child. It is the perfect option for children as young as 6 months old. But that is not the only time they can use this. The high-quality material of the float allows you to make use of this float for your child up to 18 months. It comes with an adjustable seat so that your child is comfortable while floating atop this towable tube. More than that, the adjustable features ensure that your child is safe and doesn’t shift in their seat too much. 

The pool float is stable and ensures that your child feels confident while they are in this. You will find that this also has a UPF 50 adjustable and removable sunshade canopy. So, if you’re taking your baby outdoors for pool time, this will ensure that your child is protected throughout. Plus, you can easily adjust it according to your child’s needs at the time. The best thing is that you can inflate and deflate the tube float easily, without having to worry too much about the process.

4. Intex My Baby Float

The Intex My Baby Float is quite a highly demanded tube float because of the easy and no-hassle use it comes with. It is perfect for children of ages 12 to 24 months, and it ensures that ultimate play time in the pool for your child. But entertainment is not all that this towable tube has to offer, there is so much more. You will find that this float offers exceptional safety as your child floats on it. With the double ring positioning, you get to ensure that your child’s legs are in place throughout. 

It is common to find your child to want to tilt backwards for support. This tube ensures that they have a back rest that they can rely on for this. It is one of the more exceptional features of this, along with the two air chambers that it offers for safety. It is made using high-quality vinyl, which you get to make use of for a long while. You will not be disappointed with how long-lasting this is. Another thing to note about these are that they come with smooth seat straps for your child to keep them in place and avoid them from falling. 

5. Swimline Clownfish Nemo Baby Seat Pool Float

The Swimline Clownfish Nemo Baby Seat Pool Float is one of a kind. You will find that the design and shape of the float is going to keep your child entertained for a long while. The clownfish look is surely an eye-catching one and will keep your child wanting more pool time every time you bring this out. It is entirely safe and fun for your child to use this in the pool, as long as you stay within an arms distance to them. The clownish pool float offers the right amount of safety for the users with the dual safety chamber design. So, you will find that it is ideal for pool time use. 

More than that, you will also notice that it offers you a heavy-duty construction. The only thing that you will notice is that it doesn’t have a sun canopy to protect your child from the harsh sun rays. But if you make use of this in an indoor pool, then this is perhaps a great tool. The towable tube comes with a handle in the front, allowing parents or guardians to move the child in different directions while in the pool. 

6. SwimSchool Angel-the-Fish Fabric Baby Pool Float

The SwimSchool Angel-the-Fish Fabric Baby Pool Float is a favorite of many. Use this pool float to introduce your baby to water bodies in the most effective manner. If you’re looking for something that helps your 6 to 14 months old get used to pool time, then this is the perfect solution for you. Why do I say this? Well, one of the more important things that you need to consider is that children need all kinds of distractions to keep them from feeling overwhelmed in new surroundings. When you’re introducing them to a water body, you will need to make sure that they are comfortable. The activity center that comes attached to this pool float allows your child to be relaxed while in the pool. 

One thing when taking your child out swimming must be essential is their protection from the sun. The UPF 50 sunshade canopy that this pool float comes with is undeniably one of the best out there. You will find that this is 120 degrees retractable, so you can adjust it according to the needs of your child. Along with this, the baby pool float comes with dual air chambers and an adjustable safety seat which ensures your child’s safety in the best of ways. 

7. Poolmaster 81547 Learn-to-Swim Swimming Pool Float

Lastly, we have the Poolmaster 81547 Learn-To-Swim Swimming Pool Float. If you’re looking for something that will help your child learn how to swim, then this is a great tool. While this doesn’t directly help your child learn to swim, they get to understand how to be on water bodies and how to move their legs as they go. The pool is made using high-quality vinyl which ensures that you will be able to make long use of this for your child. More than that, it is quite easy to inflate and deflate as you make use of this. 

The float comes with comfort and security for your baby as it has large leg holes present. This allows your child to make the best use out of the pool floats as they are able to wiggle their way and kick around in the water. Another key thing to note is that you get exceptional sun protection from this float. It comes with a retractable and removable sun canopy, which keeps all the harsh sun rays away from your baby. It lessens the possibility of sun damage and keeps your baby safe throughout their use. The pool float is portable and easy to carry around, so you’re sure to make more use of this for your child. 

What To Consider When Buying A Baby Pool Float

When you’re deciding to buy anything for your child, you will need to make sure that you have a few things under wraps. As you go on to decide the ultimate baby pool float for your child, there are a few things to consider. Let’s have a look at what these are. 

  • Sun Protection

One of the most important things that you need to consider when buying a baby pool float is sun protection. You need to know whether or not a particular baby pool float offers sun protection so that you are able to keep your child safe from harmful sun rays. Baby skin is perhaps the most sensitive to UV rays, and you want to make sure you limit their exposure to it as much as possible. When you are considering a baby pool float option, try to make sure that you go for something that offers you a canopy or sun protection to keep your baby safe from those pesky and harmful rays. 

  • Safety Features

Another thing that you will need to consider when choosing a baby float for your child is the safety features it offers. While sun protection is one entire safety feature of its own, you need to still verify whether or not you get access to other safety features for your child. You don’t want to put any kind of risk when your child is in the water, learning how to swim. Always check for safety valves and air chambers to ensure that your child will be safe while making use of this baby pool float.

  • Baby Preferences

This one doesn’t apply to babies as young as 6 months old. However, if your child is old enough to have preferences about what they like and don’t like, you could consider these factors to decide the best option for them. For instance, if they love rainbows, then you could go for a float that would make them happy. This will only improve their interest in using the float as they will be excited to get into the water with their new favorite float.

  • Floats For More Than One

Do you have more than one baby that you wish to take to the pool together? There is a fair chance that you would want to look at something that would cater to both of them. This need would be even higher if you have twins. You can choose an option that caters to both your babies, rather than just one. Look at the right options for floats for twins, so that you don’t have to handle two different floats at one time. Having both of them in one place will allow you to watch over them better. 

  • Quality Of Float

One thing that you must never overlook when purchasing a baby pool float, is the quality of the float. If you’re going for plastic options, then you should know that these don’t last you too long. Instead, you should go for vinyl options as these are known to be of high-quality and offer you great use throughout. 


Below are some frequently asked questions about baby pool floats and other similar things.

1. How Safe Are Neck Floats?

You will find that the use of neck floats is not really common in most areas. There is a reason for this. Neck floats are considered to be highly dangerous and pose a threat to your child’s life. You don’t want to make use of something that has such a high risk attached to it. I suggest that you don’t use neck floats because of the exponential safety risks associated with the use of these. 

2. What Can Be Used To Keep Babies Afloat?

If you are looking for something that can keep babies afloat other than tube floats, then you could go for a baby float suit. These are relatively bulkier as these are put on the children to keep them up. Plus, these aren’t the right options for infants as they can barely make any movements on their own. Extra supervision is essential with this because the float suit makes your baby tilt to one side as they lean. 

3. How To Take Care Of Pool Floats For Babies?

You should know that taking care of your pool floats is necessary so that you are able to make long use of them. Getting them out of the pool and ensuring that you clean them with cloth is necessary to keep them from damage in the long run.

4. What Age Should You Take Your Baby To The Pool?

When you’re planning on taking your baby to the pool, you must know that there is something as an age too early for the pool. Taking a baby younger than 6 months of age to a pool is not the ideal choice. You must ensure that they are at least 6 months for this. 

5. Can You Leave Your Baby Pool Floats In The Pool? 

Don’t leave the floats in your pool when you are done using them. Take them out with you and ensure that you keep them in a dry spot. If you leave them in the pool, they are bound to deteriorate over time. Plastic pool floats are highly likely to erode if you don’t take them out from the pool soon. 

Safety Tips – Very Important

Now, there are safety tips that you will need to consider when your child is on the baby pool float. Let’s have a look at what these are. 

1. Always Be Attentive To Your Baby

Throughout the time that your child is on the baby pool float, you will need to make sure that all of your attention is towards them. Don’t be distracted by anything during this as you don’t want any safety concerns to arise while they are in the pool with you. 

2. Don’t Let There Be Too Much Distance Between You And Your Baby

Another thing to make sure doesn’t happen is having too much distance between you and your baby. The maximum distance allowable is within an arm’s reach. Your child on a float doesn’t only need constant attention, but there is a need to ensure that you are physically close to them as well. You never know what might happen on the water, so you want to make sure that you are prepared at all times. 

3. CPR Lessons For Regular Pool Time Is A Must

That brings us to the third safety tip. Your child is going to be in the pool more frequently now, so you want to keep them safe throughout. One of the most important things that you will need to learn for this is CPR. Make sure that you know how to do CPR on babies to be there at times of emergencies. While I hope this never happens, I still suggest that you learn how to do this as a precaution. 

4. Restrict Float Use To The Pool

One thing that you must always remember is that pool floats are designed for the pool, not anywhere else. So, if you’re planning a cruise sometime soon with the family, make sure that you get authentic lifejackets for your baby. These pool floats will not be usable for such scenarios. More than that, they could prove to be a safety risk if you do make use of them. 

Final Thoughts

Now, when it comes to choosing the ultimate baby pool floats for infants to toddlers, you will need to ensure that you do your research. Without doing so, you will not be able to make the right choice. To make things easier for you, we have come up with the ideal baby floats that you can buy for your baby’s needs. These are all quite amazing when it comes to their use, so choose whichever one you think your child will love. Personally, I stand with the SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center because of the exceptional features, but choosing any option from the list is surely going to be the ideal choice. 

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