5 Best Towable Tubes

If you are thinking of the best summer adventures with your friends or family, then you need to consider taking out a towable tube and blasting through the water. There is no place that offers more peace and calm than the sea and having towable tubes on hand can make everything much more fun. 

The best part about having towable tubes is that it can become an adventure for the whole family. As long as you are not afraid of having fun, both the young and the old can take their time on the towable tube. If the young, thrill seekers in the family want to have a more exciting ride, then they can always have some zig zags and top speed involved. Others who simply want to enjoy their ride through the water can opt for a lower speed and a straight route. 

The only thing you need to experience this adventure is the right towable tube. Remember that the best towable tube should be comfortable, easy to use, and have a firm grip. Before you set off to find the perfect towable tube for yourself, make sure that you have a high-quality USCG Type3 life jacket that is specifically designed for tubing. 

To make your quest of finding the best towable tube easier, here are our top 5 picks of the best towable tubes in the market. 

Top 5 Towable Tubes

Key Feature

1. SportsStuff Super Mable

Seating pads and cushioned side walls for additional safety and comfort.

2. Airhead G-Force

6 different handles and knuckle pads that assist your grip on the tube.

3. Airhead Mach

Versatile and suitable for all speed levels.

4. Airhead Super Splice

Tapered design that can handle weight and prevents submarining. 

5. WOW Watersports Thriller Deck Tube

Suitable for comfortable sitting and thrilling adventures. 


Top 5 Towable Tubes in 2021

1. SportsStuff Super Mable

If you want three riders on your towable tube and still have a safe experience on the water, then the SportsStuff Super Mable is the best option for you. This company has been in the industry of watersport products for over 2 decades now, making them one of the most experienced manufacturers in the market. When it comes to pairing thrill with safety, you can count on SportsStuff to make it happen. 

The Super Mable towable tube lets you enjoy both front and back towing options. Whether you want to sit back and relax in the seated position from the front, or you want to kneel and have a thrilling ride from the back, the Super Mable can be used both ways. This gives the rider an ultimate, customizable towable tube experience. According to the safety concerns provided by SportsStuff, it is possible to have riders with an accumulated weight of 510 pounds on the Super Mable. 

If safety is your main concern, then you can rely on the SportsStuff Super Mable to protect you with its EVA quality foam seating pads as well side walls that are cushioned with air to keep you safe. In case you want to have a more thrilling ride, then the wide range of foam handles with knuckle guards will be able to help you keep your grip regardless of your position in the water. 

One of the most striking features of the Super Mable that gives it the top position on my list is the beautiful custom graphics. When on water, the graphics add to the aesthetic appeal of the towing tube and serves as a great prop for photos. 


  • Speed safety valve ensures that the tube does not deflate,
  • Kwik Connect allows you to easily lock the tow ropes into place,
  • Made with K80 PVC bladder with zipped nylon covers. 


  • Must be kept indoors since prolonged sun exposure can cause damage,
  • Handles are positioned very close to one another. 

2. Airhead G-Force Towable Tube

If you are looking for the most popular choice of towable tubes in the market, then the Airhead G-Force is the right boating tube for you. The design is enough to attract most buyers towards this product, especially since the street-art attracts the most attention when you finally bring this towable tube in the water. 

Apart from the aesthetic appeal, the Airhead G-Force has enough features to make it appealing for buyers. Whether you want to go on a solo tubing ride or one with two more people, the G-Force will be able to cater to your needs regardless. 

If safety is your main concern, then you can count on the six different handles and additional knuckle pads that can help you maintain your balance whilst tubing. Even if you want to sit down and relax, there is enough space on the G-Force to simply enjoy. Changing positions on the G-Force is quite easy, owing to the remarkable design that gives you enough space to stand, kneel, or lie down. 

In case you want a thrilling adventure when you are out on the towing tube, then the Airhead G-Force can help you maintain both force and speed. When you ride on the G-Force, there is certainly no worrying involved. The speed safety valve ensures that inflating and deflating your towable tube is a smooth process that does not require too much effort. The 840-nylon covering further makes the Airhead G-Force a durable towing tube that will certainly last you years before needing an upgrade. 


  • Easy to use,
  • Can hold up to 3 people safely,
  • Suitable for sitting and kneeling positions,
  • Durable covering that is resistant to damage. 


  • The front of the tube can lean into the water if there is too much weight towards the front,
  • Is best used with an additional booster ball to keep the tow ropes out of the way. 

3. Airhead Mach Towable Tube

If you are your best friend want to head out into the sea for a towing adventure, then the Airhead Mach towable tube is the best option for any duo. This 2-seater towable tube easily caters to beginners who are new to the world of tubing, as well as families who have young children who want to experience the thrill of tubing while being safe. Before you allow your children to tube independently, having them experience the thrill on the Airhead Mach first might be the best option to smooth their transition from assisted to independent tubing. 

The Airhead Mach features an attractive design that has a trendy appeal. When you take it out for a ride, you are likely to gain the attention of fellow tubers or boat riders. In case you just want to sit down and relax throughout your tubing ride, the Airhead Mach has two cockpit seats with handles that can help you hold on tight and ensure your safety. The back of each seat is padded for added comfort, and there is even a headrest for additional support. 

With the Airhead Mach, it is possible to sail through the water at both high and low speeds. This makes the Airhead Mach a great choice for families with both young and older children, especially since the protective cockpit allows for maximum safety when heading out to sea. The Airhead Mach also has a double-stitched nylon PVC cover which makes this towable tube highly durable and versatile. Rest assured, you can continue using the Airhead Mach for your towing adventures for years without worrying about any damage. 


  • Ability to travel at any speed,
  • Child-friendly and safe,
  • Nylon covering makes the towing tube highly durable,
  • Aesthetic appeal with a modern design,
  • Great value for money. 


  • Can only hold two people on the towing tube at once,
  • Cockpit seats take up most of the space. 

4. Airhead Super Splice Towable Tube

If my previous Airhead towing tube suggestions were not enough for you to know that this is the best company for your towing tube, then here is another great product from the same manufacturers. The Airhead Super Splice is one of the most beautiful towing tubes in the market, especially with the blue graphics that cover the entire tube. This tube is also available in an eye-catching orange color, in case you want a more modern design on your towing tube. 

In case you want to travel at high speeds and do not want your towing tube to submarine into the water, then you can count on the Airhead Super Splice. This towing tube features a unique, tapered design which means that it is thinner at the back with more cushioning on the front. Not only does it ensure safety whilst riding through the water, but it also provides added comfort and less stress on your knees and joints when kneeling. 

To make boarding easier, the Airhead Super Splice features a unique boarding handle that sets it apart from the rest of the options in the market. The cover of this towing tube is made with denier nylon, making it far more resistant to damage than other towing tubes. 

Rach of the six handles on the Super Splice are carefully wrapped in nylon and have knuckle guards. This ensures that you have a firm grip on the towing tube, even when riding at high speeds. 

If you are an impatient person who wants to get to the fun part ASAP, then the Kwik Connect feature on the Airhead Super Splice can help you hook up the towing tube in an instant. This towing tube also includes a safety valve that makes inflating and deflating the tube fairly simple and quick. 

The Airhead Super Splice is great for the solo rider, the duo, and even three people at once. The neoprene body pad helps keep your knees safe as you ride through the waves at top speed. 


  • All 6 handles are placed perfectly on the towing tube with nylon covering,
  • Body pad to ensure added comfort,
  • Kwik Connect allows you to easily get the tube out in the water,
  • Safety valve ensures that inflating and deflating is easy. 


  • Might be too small for three adults. 

5. WOW Watersports Thriller Deck Tube Water Towable Tube

If you have ever been involved in the world of water sports, then you must have heard of WOW Watersports for their remarkable range of equipment. For towable tubes, WOW Watersports have created the most budget-friendly product for those who want to have a thrilling experience out in the sea without creating a dent in their bank account. 

The WOW Watersports Thriller Deck Tube is great for up to three people. The tube features a spacious area that can cater to riders who either want to sit, lie down, or kneel for a thrilling experience. Conveniently, the handles on this towable tube are carefully positioned at the front and include extra padding to ensure comfort. 

If you are somebody who wants to have an adventure but also wishes to relax on your tube later, then the WOW Watersports Thriller Deck Tube is certainly the right choice for you. This towable tube features a tapered exterior which makes it resistant to damage and sinking. Safety valves across the tube make the inflating and deflating process easy and quick. 

In case you are looking for a fancy and modern towable tube for your adventures, then the WOW Watersports towable tube offers an impressive color range of yellow, black, blue, and orange. Not only does this attract buyers, but it also attracts attention as you ride your towable tube through the waters since the bright colors can be spotted from great distances. 


  • Competitive price,
  • Includes safety valves for easy inflation and deflation,
  • Handles are positioned at the front to aid riding. 


  • Does not contain more fancy features such as bells and whistles. 

Things to Consider When Buying a Towable Tube

If you are looking to invest in a towable tube for your watersport adventures, then it is important to find a tube that is right for you. Before you make a purchase, here are 4 things that you should consider: 

1. Capacity

Each towable tube has a different rider capacity. While most towable tubes are suitable for two riders, some are only for solo riding and others can offer enough space for three people. Depending upon your specific requirements and how often you will be using the towable tube, it is important to consider the capacity before making a purchase. The most popular choices for towable tubes are the ones that have a 3-person capacity since either one, two, or three people can ride the tube without any difficulty. 

2. Ease of Use

Nobody wants a towable tube that takes too long to inflate or deflate. When you consider buying a towable tube, it is important to look for important features such as the Kwik Connect, safety valves and handles with extra padding to make your riding experience much smoother. 

3. Riding Position

In the past, people would only consider towable tubes if they wanted to hold on to the handles tightly whilst in a kneeling position to hold their balance. However, times have changed drastically. Now, it is very much possible to simply relax on your towing tube since many tubes come with cockpit seats and handles that can cater to sitting or lying down positions. When you purchase a towing tube, it is important to consider how exactly you plan to go on rides. If you have children in the family and want to involve them in the adventure, then it may a better idea to opt for those towable tubes which have padded seats in the cockpit that allow for added comfort and safety. 

4. Resistance to Damage

Remember that your towable tube will have to endure some serious damage. Every time you take the tube out into the water, it will be bounced around or taken on rides at high speeds. Before you make a purchase for your towable tube, it is important to consider getting one that is highly resistant to damage. I recommend opting for towable tubes that feature nylon covering since the material can resist bumps without being scratched or torn. It is also important to have a towable tube that is resistant to damage since your investment should be able to last through multiple boating seasons without falling apart prematurely. 

Frequently Asked Questions

To clarify some of the confusion that revolves around towable tubes, here are some of the most frequently asked questions from buyers: 

1. How to properly inflate a towable tube?

When you are inflating a towable tube for the first time, it is natural to be anxious. However, it is absolutely essential to inflate your towable tube fully before you take it out for a ride. The best way to know if your towable tube is filled properly is to test it for firmness. When you press on the tube, it should feel firm and should not press down. Ensure that there are no wrinkles left on the cover and that the entire tube is smooth. With the weight of an adult, the tube should only sink a few inches. 

The easiest way to inflate your towable tube is by using a powerful electric pump. Make sure you keep an eye on the tube whilst it is being filled with air through the pump. 

2. Do I need a booster ball?

Many riders enjoy adding a booster ball between their boat and tube to improve their performance. While it is not essential to purchase a booster ball, it will certainly help keep your rope above the water and prevent submarining. If you want to make your towable tube last for years before needing an upgrade, investing in a booster ball might be a good idea. 

3. Are flying boating tubes still available?

While flying boating tubes were fairly popular in the mid-2000s, they are no longer available or safe to use. The only difference between towable tubes and flying boating tubes was the surface area, with the flying tubes having lower surface area which allowed them to fly up to 30 ft in the air. The reason behind their discontinuation was the high number of injuries and fatalities. 

Final Thoughts

With this comprehensive guide on towable tubes, I hope that you will be able to find the best tube for your watersport adventures during this boating season. Remember that the towable tube you choose for yourself should be able to live up to your expectations and cater to all of your needs. Whether you plan on taking a solo adventure or are planning a trip with your family, having a towable tube can truly help you make some remarkable memories. 

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