Can You Jet Ski While Pregnant

Jet skiing is a great sport and adventure that can exhilarate and excite you. However, it is not safe for everyone to jet ski. It is especially true for pregnant women as they need to think of many safety precautions before embarking on a jet ski adventure.

If you are pregnant, and you need to know whether you can do boating while pregnant, here is everything you need to know.

Can You Drive A Jet Ski In Pregnancy?

Yes, you can drive a jet ski while pregnant, but it is not a good idea, and all health professionals will advise against it. That is because there are still many risks attached to jet skiing for pregnant women.

Even many rental operators will refuse to rent you a jet ski because of insurance restrictions. There is a high risk of premature labor or miscarriage, as a jet ski ride includes a lot of jumps and bumps. You should always consult your doctor before you decide to jet ski while pregnant.

Can You Ride As Passenger On A Jet Ski?

Driving the jet ski is always riskier for pregnant women because your coordination may be affected due to your pregnancy. However, that does not mean that riding as a passenger is safer. There is still a high risk of injury or fall.

That is why you should follow all safety protocols if you want to ride a jet ski while pregnant as a passenger. Here are the top jet-skiing rules all pregnant women should follow:

1. Wear A Floatation Device

A life jacket is a lifesaver in the water. It increases your chances of being saved. Even if you are unconscious, you will still be floating in the water, and someone else can come to your rescue.

A floatation device is one of the many safety precautions you can take while riding on a jet ski. That is because you need to be careful and practice a safe ride. It will make your experience go smoother.

2. Slow Speed

Speed is dangerous when you are in the water. That is because anything can happen, and rough water can cause anyone to fall. Such a risk is exceptionally high for a pregnant woman as a speedy fall can lead to a miscarriage or injury to the baby.

That is why the person driving the jet ski should always lower the speed. It will allow you to have a safe and smooth experience without any problems. The lower the speed, the lower your chances of falling in the water.

3. Don’t Go In Rough Water

Always check the tide and water before you decide to start jet skiing. That is because if the water is rough, you will face a lot of bumps, and it won’t be easy to turn and ride the jet ski. Even experienced people find it challenging to ride a jet ski in rough waters.

That is why if the water is rough, it is best not to go in the first place. After all, as a pregnant woman, your baby’s safety and health should be your top priority. Jet ski while pregnant is always a risk no matter what.

4. Ride With Your Partner

Don’t drive the jet ski yourself. Instead, ride in tandem with your partner, so you have someone to take care of you at all times. After all, you can also experience dehydration if it is scorching and sunny that day.

You will need someone to take care of you in the water to stay safe at all times. Your partner should focus on driving, while you should focus on maintaining your balance. Even if you experience any problem on the jet ski, they will help you in no time.

5. Don’t Go Too Deep

Avoid going in deep water when you are riding a jet ski with your partner while pregnant. That is because it is risky for you and if you don’t know how to swim, you will face a lot of problems. So always avoid going too deep on the jet ski while pregnant.

Make sure that you stay close enough so other people can spot you. If you get into any trouble while riding, they can come to your rescue and help you out in no time. Such safety protocols are essential to prevent accidents and injuries while riding a jet ski.

6. Don’t Ride A Jet Ski If You Had Morning Sickness The Same Day

If you had morning sickness the day you plan to jet ski, you should not be riding at all. That is because your morning sickness will get worse because of all the bumps and the rough ride. So you should always avoid riding if you have felt that way in the morning.

Keep in mind that if you still decide to jet ski, your symptoms will get worse. You will be at risk of dehydration, nausea, vomiting, and much more. You might also feel light-headed and dizzy, which is why you should avoid it at all costs.

7. Wear Sunscreen

Protect your skin and your baby from harmful UV rays with the help of sunscreen. It will keep you from getting burnt, and you will be safe. Keep on reapplying it after every few hours to benefit the most from it.

After all, you should also take other protection protocols while jet skiing. Sunscreen is one of them as it will protect you from burns and skin problems.

Final Words

That was a complete guide for women who want to ride a jet ski while pregnant. Keep in mind that it is not safe, and you will have to protect yourself. Even if you do, anything can happen, and there are no guarantees as the water is unpredictable.

That is why you should avoid jet ski and engage in other water sports activities that are not risky for your health. After all, you should be taking care of your womb, your baby, and your body.

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