Water party ideas

If you have a little mer-child at home whose birthday party is coming up, you may be trying to think of ways to bring a splash to their birthday bash.

Aside from the sea-themed foods, the water-based party bags and the magnificent mermaid cake, you’ll want to think about where you’ll have your party, how many people will be there and which games you’ll play at the time.

Even if you don’t have a pool at home, there are so many different ways you can host a water party with fun games for your child and their friends.

Luckily, I have a few suggestions up my sleeve to get you in the party mood:

1. Beach Party

Take your beach towel, the inflatable ball with too many patches to count and your sand-castle tools. You’re going on a beach vacation!

I suggest taking your birthday child on a beach-escape with their friends if the party is small. As there is no specified area, some children could wander off, so only go to the beach if you know you can keep an eye on all at once!

The benefit to being on a beach to anywhere else Is that you could all do sandcastle contests. Whether it’s all individuals or in teams, there could be a contest for the biggest and best sandcastle where the winner gets an extra piece of birthday cake.

If you do decide to head on out to your local coastline, please ensure you take all the necessary safety measures. For more information on PFD’s (personal floatation devices) for you and your loves ones, check out my other articles; “How to Teach your Dog to Swim”, “What is the Best way to Check the Buoyancy of your PFD?” and “How Do Self-Inflating Life Jackets Work?”.

2. Hawaiian Themed Party

If the beach get-away isn’t for you, then you could always keep it to your back yard. For those with a pool in the back already, this could be as easy as getting the party decorations up and the music on.

It’s time to whip out those Hawaiian Leis and those coconut cover-ups. There’s nothing more exciting than a surprise themed birthday party that brings all the best in costumes, decorations and themed food.

Here’s some Hawaiian party games ideas that everyone can enjoy:

• Limbo
• Pass the Coconut
• Hawaiian Pictionary
• Movie watching such as Disney’s Lelo and Stitch
• Hula-Hoop until you Drop
• Hula-Skirt Dance-off
• Pineapple Bowling
• Diving Contest

Don’t forget to whip out the Luau themes invitations, food, cake and flowers to keep the theme interesting. (There’s also the option of tropical cocktails for the adults to enjoy).

3. Super Soaker Party

This party idea is for the feisty ones, the brave ones and the soon-to-be wet ones.

There are so many different ways to approach this water party idea: it could be a BYO water gun, an every-man-for-himself or even a scavenger hunt for small pre-filled soakers to bring in some adventure.

There’s also the option for water balloons if you don’t have access to any water guns. There’s plenty of fantastic products on the market such as the BunchO Balloons where you can quickly fill lots of balloons at once through the same tap and then they self-seal! These are a great way to quickly fill the armouries.

If there are lots of kids attending the party, then I suggest having pre-set teams for when they arrive. They could then work together to try and build defences and then when they are done, they have to hold down their fort while trying to bring the other teams’ down.

4. Water Slide Heaven

For those with a slide at home, you’re already set. However, those who want a little more drip to their drop, head on out to your closest water park and hire out a function room for the food.

This way, like the beach, there is freedom to explore but there’s less of a chance to wander off. If there is a hired-out function room for everyone to gather in for their mid-day snacks, it provides a safe-hub shielded from the sun.

For the water park party, it’s a let ‘em have it style. With adults and children of all ages able to join in on the fun together.

On the other hand, if you did want to stay at home, there are fantastic birthday party bouncy-castles that have water slides attached to them. These are for hire across all of the US, so keep your eyes peeled. ‘Slip n’ Slide’s are also an option for those with too much dish soap at home and a slight incline in their garden!

5. Backyard Blowout

Get. All. The. Inflatables.

For a simpler water party idea, there are many fun games the whole family can have together and with friends just by using inflatables. Each person can take turns with their inflatables, or you could find inflatable games that require teams, taking turns and relay races. The beauty of the backyard blowout is that it will feature something for everyone.

Here’s a small list of inflatables you could have in your back yard to bring your water birthday party ideas to life:

• Large Inflatable Unicorn
• Jumbo Whale Rider
• The Classic Crocodile
• Beach Balls
• Inflatable Flamingo
• Pool Noodles
• Donut
• Drinks Float
• Lilo’s
• Water Wheel
• Inflatable Rowing Set
• Paddling Pools
• Inflatable Rodeo Bull
• Inflatable Ring Toss
• Inflatable Poker

There’s probably an inflatable version of anything you could think of to get your backyard blowout going. Don’t forget to buy a pump otherwise you might be a little blue by the end of it. I recommend trying out heavy duty inflator pumps to make sure it will last throughout your party!

So there you have it. There’s the classic birthday party, the themed party, the wet party, the beach vacation and the ‘they’re not coming to my house’ get away. There will always be water party ideas for your little ones so get going and prepare to get wet!

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for some swimming pool games for adults on a hot Summers day, then check out our other article “Swimming Pool Games for Adults”. You’ll be packed with fun games ideas on how to enjoy the weekend heatwaves.

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